Over the last 12 months we’ve seen a nationwide trend among our dealers of potential customers performing more and more security-related searches. These customers are looking for home security with video cameras, nanny cameras, outdoor cameras, wireless cameras and even doorbell cameras. So we gave searchers what they’re looking for — and it’s converting with great results.

We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to understand how your potential customers are searching for your service offering. When you understand their search patterns, you can determine how to put your company right in front of them.

A simple tool you can use is Google’s free search keyword planner, which will allow you to see how many potential customers typed in any search phrases such as “home security companies” in any given month or year. In addition, you are able to see trends from month to month regarding whether the searches are increasing, decreasing or remaining the same. Type in keyword phrases including home camera, security camera or nanny camera, and Google will even show you suggestions for related searches. Copy down the desired phrases, and now you’ll have a game plan for creating landing pages to put in front of potential customers.

As we mentioned before, we can’t stress enough how hot the home security camera market is right now — it’s actually the No. 1 search before the search for home security. To be more specific, here are some exact numbers of nationwide Google searches from this past June:

• CCTV – 368,000
• security cameras – 201,000
• home security cameras – 110,000
• home security – 49,500
• doorbell cameras – 27,100

Potential customers are more than likely to convert if you put in front of them a package or product geared toward home security with video cameras — and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. With a $500-per-month budget and using strictly Facebook, we took this data into consideration and, knowing what users are looking for, we’ve been able to generate an average of 40 leads for our customers with one generating 80 leads. OK, for all the non-mathematicians out there, that’s an eCPL (effective cost per lead) of $12.50 per lead.

So here’s what we did — and yes, you should take notes, unless you’re being bombarded with so many leads you can’t handle any more.

First, we created five landing pages geared toward the different home security camera searches, but we’re going to cover just two of them due to space constraints.

The first was simply an offer for a free camera with a 36-month agreement. The visual was simply a home in the background, a dome camera and a hand holding a mobile phone, accompanied by the phrase, “What are your teenage kids doing at this moment? Wouldn’t it be nice to know? Always!” Additionally, we provided a brief paragraph about the client’s company and five bullet points listing what the system with camera would do. Our ad simply mimicked the landing page and was advertised on Facebook and Instagram to a radius of two miles from each client’s service area, to an age of 35 and up.

The second landing page we created also showed a dome camera with a picture of a dog making a mess inside a home. Its caption read, “What’s your pooch doing? Wouldn’t you like to know?” Again, we also provided a simple paragraph and five bullet points, and we targeted on Facebook and Instagram anyone age 28 and up within a two-mile radius. But for this ad we also included those who showed an interest in groups that pertained to pets.

Most of our leads are women and come in after 5:00 p.m. Be prepared to answer questions on your Facebook page because prospects can engage with your ads by liking, sharing and making comments. Other landing pages we have created that are doing well are pages showing dome cameras that can act as a video doorbell and can be added to existing security systems. These types of ads work really well in a newsletter sent to your existing email database.