Emergency24 developed a free service that allows subscribers to acknowledge non-critical signals via two-way text messaging in order to further enhance the customer experience. 

For non-critical signals, such as low battery, autotest and non-fire troubles, subscribers will be notified via text up to five times in the first hour or until the subscriber acknowledges receipt of the notification. After the five text notifications, if no acknowledgement is received, Emergency24 operators will begin notifying the subscriber and parties via telephone. 

Subscribers will only be texted between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. local time. This text solution is fully compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. 

To self-enroll online, subscribers simply have to verify an account at EMERgency24’s secure subscriber portal; provide mobile phone information; agree to additional terms and conditions; and reply to text opt-in confirmation. 

To help dealers notify their subscribers of this new service, a print-ready PDF bill and sample email are available in the EMERgency24 dealer portal.