The Monitoring Association (TMA) announced its newly updated Operator Online Level 2 training program is now available for purchase. The new course builds upon TMA’s popular Operator Online Level 1 training program by offering six advanced modules that support the skills and standards of professionalism needed to be an effective contributor in the monitoring center. The course is highly relatable and challenges operators to expand their knowledge through a focus on critical thinking exercises associated with team building, conflict resolution and more impactful customer care.

The content continues to support TMA’s Operator Code of Excellence that features professional behavior and commitment to the professional monitoring industry, where life safety and protection of property and business processes are paramount. Through an introduction to leadership, operators will experience a new skillset that reinforces accountability through better communication and personal responsibility.

"With the new normal of working remote and distance learning, the TMA’s Operator Online Level 2 training program offers a fresh perspective on monitoring, leadership and the evolution of technology in the life safety industry,” said TMA Education Committee Co-Chair John Brady, TRG Associates. “Subject matter experts and experienced monitoring center practitioners collaborated on content to provide the most relevant knowledge and skills for monitoring center staff today."

TMA Education Co-Chair Brandon Niles, Acadian Monitoring Services LLC, added, “This course is the perfect companion to the TMA Operator Online Level 1 course. It adds layers of training that help ensure that all alarm operators are well rounded with a comprehensive knowledgebase of the alarm industry and alarm handling process. Because cyber security is even more important as we work from home, every person in the monitoring center will benefit from this actionable training.”

There are six new modules in the course:

  • Module 1: Leadership Skills in the Monitoring Center
  • Module 2: Strategies for Advanced Call Handling in the Monitoring Center 
  • Module 3: Conflict Resolution Using Effective Team Communications 
  • Module 4: Industry Standards: The Fundamental Building Blocks of Professional Monitoring
  • Module 5: Telecommunications and Enhanced Technology
  • Module 6: Cybersecurity in the Monitoring Center

Industry participation in course development is a hallmark of the TMA education program. Numerous subject matter experts have vetted the content for this course update. 

To access the course, visit or email