On any normal day, connecting with your audience on social media requires forethought, care and tact. At the epicenter of a worldwide crisis, it requires all that and more. Right now, businesses in the security industry are asking many of the same questions regarding social media marketing: What is the best way to communicate right now? How can I stay connected? What should I consider when so many are facing financial insecurity? And how can social media help stabilize and grow my business? These strategies for marketing during a crisis will answer those questions and more. 

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc in the lives of people and economies everywhere, and your social media marketing needs to be mindful of these struggles. However, that does not mean that this time is void of opportunity to serve your market, add value and be a beacon of hope, light and leadership during these challenging times. People are still looking for and buying solutions, and they need the industry expertise and solutions you offer to get through these times. You as a security industry business owner have an obligation to continue to serve those people.

Now is the time to turn off Netflix and start thinking. Spend your time like a mastermind and identify the innermost core or your market. Ask questions you want answers to, like: What opportunities exist in the market today? Where are there gaps in the market that my business can solve? And what will new security expectations be on the other side of the crisis? Digging deep will help you discover what your target market wants to know, which will guide your social media strategy and connecting with that audience.

People are at home with more time to consume more information, much of which is negative crisis-related content from the news and other sources. From a content perspective, this means they are feeding themselves a steady diet of panic, stress and worry. Potential customers are hungry for some chicken soup for their soul in the form of positive solutions to problems you can solve. Thankfully, the key to successful social media crisis communication comes down to one simple question: How can you help? 

You must be the voice of reason and reassurance by providing truly informative content that answers the serious questions potential customers face right now. 

Social media is driven by supply and demand. Since more people have more time right now, the demand is high for helpful, relevant content, giving you a significantly better return on your investment. So, double down on helpful content. Answer questions in short-form on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, and back it up with long-form blogs and whitepapers. 

Take the time right now to strip back your social media and give each platform the attention it deserves. Again, now is the perfect time to put the right content in front of the right people to drive conversions. Focus your content and advertising budget around core needs. 

Many people and businesses are suffering right now, and we in no way want to make light of that. We do want to remind you, however, that as a nation and as a people, we have been through difficult times before, and we will come out of this crisis. How we do that largely depends on the choices we make now in being present, available and helpful in the cultivation of relationships. Many successful businesses have come out of times such as this because their leadership was willing to help pick up the rubble of devastation, clean it off and continue to build something new, different, better and stronger. And when you build, others can build, too. Social media marketing is one of the most important ways you can continue to do just that. We may never go back to what was; but you can position yourself for a new reality.