It is not unusual for marketing to see shifts in strategies and their effectiveness according to consumer behaviors. Sometimes those changes are swift and can permanently alter many industries nationally, or even globally. This is one of those times. 

With the pandemic, the way we interact with others and access services have all changed and involve the least amount of human contact. That is a monumental change for the security industry, which relies heavily on personal interaction in marketing efforts. 

How, then, are we to navigate marketing in this new “contactless” world? 

What I am going to tell you may surprise you. If you understand the new consumer mindset and utilize the right tools, the shift towards more virtual interactions can actually strengthen, enhance and boost your marketing efforts. 

The pandemic has heightened our awareness of and willingness to support the local business. Consumers are far more likely to listen to how you can provide value, which is already a significant step in the marketing journey. 

Here are just a few methods of marketing we highly recommend.

Digital Business Cards— Today, people are more receptive to receive digital business cards over physical ones. It also provides a way for you to ask for prospect phone numbers or email addresses, which you can save as a contact.  

Online Referral Platforms— As much as 80 percent of your customers would refer you, but don’t. Make it easy for them by using an online referral platform. Look for a platform specializing in local businesses, B2B and B2C.

E-newsletters— Now more than ever, people are looking for that personal connection. Make your content valuable, actionable and personalized. 

Digitize All Marketing Material— Make all of your marketing materials easily accessible virtually. 

Video— Consumers expect you to utilize videos to educate them about your services, and to create the connection they desire. 

Your Website— Realign your website to meet new benchmarks and leverage organic traffic. Integrate interactive tools such as chatbots. 

Marketing in a virtual world provides the unprecedented opportunity to reach further, build trust, and connect and engage in the moment. If you embrace this and modify your marketing accordingly, you will position yourself for the new marketing reality.