Since 2006, The Monitoring Association (TMA) has been recognizing the top performers in monitoring with its TMA Monitoring Center Excellence Awards (previously called the Central Station Awards). The Excellence Awards, hosted by TMA and co-sponsored by SDM Magazine, recognize exceptional personnel and monitoring centers in the industry (both TMA members and non-members) that are certified by an approved Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).

The purpose of the TMA Monitoring Center Excellence Awards is to promote the inherent value of professional monitoring services, as well as honor those who have made significant contributions to the industry. Promoting the value of professional monitoring services is exactly what Guardian Protection, this year’s 2019 Monitoring Center of the Year recipient, instills in its company culture and employees. Management at Guardian Protection believe that by being valuable to their customers and the larger communities through customer service, day-to-day operations and programs, they not only accomplish their mission but set themselves apart.


Guardian Protection is not the only award recipient that embodies the belief that customer service and connection are extremely valuable. All of this year’s award recipients are sincere and unwavering when it comes to helping others and building relationships.

For example, Ben Perry of UAS, the 2019 Support Person of the Year, says he first noticed that smiling and a positive attitude were infectious to the people around him while in the military. He hasn’t stopped smiling and maintaining his positivity since and it is something that permeates to his co-workers and customers.

Charles White, a 10-year Affiliated veteran and the 2019 TMA Operator of the Year, says that one of the best parts of his job is knowing he is doing important work on a day-to-day basis helping both Affiliated’s customers, as well as the co-workers he mentors and trains.

This year’s Manager of the Year, Sarah Murphy from Sonitrol of Fresno, makes a point to build connections with hand-written thank you notes, cakes and cards to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries. 

“We are amazed each year by the outstanding leadership and commitment to excellence demonstrated by the monitoring centers and their teams who enter our annual awards,” says Ivan Spector, TMA president. “We take great pride in recognizing the ‘best-of-the-best’ and in sharing their inspirational success stories across the security industry.”

This year’s TMA Monitoring Center Excellence Award winners are: 

  • Guardian Protection, Monitoring Center of the Year
  • Sarah Murphy, Sonitrol of Fresno, Manager of the Year
  • Charles White, Affiliated Monitoring, Operator of the Year
  • Ben Perry, Universal Atlantic Systems, Support Person of the Year

This year’s award recipients were announced at the opening ceremony of the Electronic Security Expo (ESX) in June in Indianapolis. Continue reading to learn more about the award recipients and their stories. To learn more about the TMA Excellence Awards program and past recipients, visit