SDM E-News Top 2018 Stories

For the security industry, 2018 had its lows — net neutrality was repealed, ADT sued Vivint for deceptive sales practices, a serial bomber terrorized the city of Austin and video surveillance equipment from China was banned by the U.S. But there were also many advancements in the security field worth celebrating — Internet of Things technology took community policing to a new level, the Orlando Police Department started testing Amazon’s live video facial recognition program and multiple groundbreaking new products were introduced at SIA’s New Product Showcase at ISC West. And perhaps most encouraging, SDM’s No. 1 most-read story of the year showed that security dealers managed to grow RMR by 4.2 percent in 2017, despite the many disruptors now present in the channel. Read on for a look back at these and more headline-making stories from 2018.

1. 2018 SDM 100: Security Dealers Prevail

2. Bill Banning U.S. Gov. From Using Dahua & Hikvision Cameras Signed Into Law

3. PTZs: Valuable Tool or Obsolete Technology?

4. Surveillance Footage Helps Crack Austin Bomber Case

5. Orlando PD Testing Amazon’s Live Video Facial Recognition Program

6. SIA Announces Winners of 2018 New Product Showcase at ISC West

7. Vivint to Pay ADT $10 Million to Settle Deceptive Sales Lawsuit

8. Arecont Vision Acquired by Costar Technologies

9. Caught in the Middle: How the Repeal of Net Neutrality Could Affect the Security Industry

10. Community Crime Solving


TSI E-News Top 2018 Stories

This year’s top 10 list of most read stories definitely points to a key trend: security integrators like to stay informed and on top of the technology trends. They also want to know what their fellow integrators are up to. Two of the SDM State of the Market series (access control and video), as well as the Top Systems Integrators Report and the most popular brands among those integrators; and the 2018 Systems Integrator of the Year make up half the list. But the other most-read stories show the technology trends and concerns that were top of mind this year, from cyber security to cloud-based access control and interactive services. Read on to see if you missed any highlights this year and TSI e-news will be back with brand new content in January. 

1. United Technologies Considers Bidders for $3 Billion Sale of a Fire Safety and Security Business

2. Most Popular Brands Among the 2018 SDM Top Systems Integrators

3. State of the Market: Video Surveillance 2018

4. What Do You Know About Cloud-Based Access Control?

5. Securing VMS Against Cyber Attacks

6. SDM 2018 Top Systems Integrators Report: A Security Transformation Is Underway

7. SDM 2018 Systems Integrator of the Year: LVC Companies Inc.

8. State of the Market: Access Control 2018

9. Resistance Is Futile: Interactive Services Are Here to Stay

10. Access Control: Advice About Top Verticals


smartHOME E-News Top 2018 Stories

What’s the competition doing? Who is selling a DIY system now, and what are the giants —Amazon, Comcast, Google — doing lately in the smart home market? Such news made the top 10 list of smartHOME e-newsletter’s most clicked-on stories in 2018. Readers also were interested in reading market intelligence, such as SDM’s State of the Connected Home market report, and other research. We hope you enjoy this look back at 2018. 

1. Ring Since Amazon; What’s in It for Security Dealers?

2. Comcast Raises the Bar on Detecting Package Theft

3. SDM ‘Top 10’ Company adopts Qolsys Security & Smart Home Platform

4. Startup Aims to Revolutionize Industry With DIY Home Security Systems

5. Study Confirms Consumers’ High Interest in Home Security Cameras

6. State of the Market: Security & Monitoring 2018

7. SDM 2018 Security Industry Forecast: Moving Into High Gear

8. How to Turn a $30 Monthly Customer into $100+ Monthly Customer

9. State of the Market: Connected Home

10. Q-&-A With Central Security Group’s Richard Ginsburg