Monitoring Center of the Year (contd.)

Securitas Electronic Security places an emphasis on both employee engagement and customer engagement to keeps its employees safe and happy, while remaining vigilant and helpful in protecting its clients and their property. 

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In addition to continued employee dialogue and engagement, SES believes one of the keys to successful monitoring operations is ongoing operator training and development. “Continued education is key to maintaining skills and competencies,” says Jeff Mozen, vice president, centralized services and monitoring operations. 

Operators are given ongoing, monthly development opportunities and testing to ensure they have maintained the knowledge and skills required for SES’ alarm monitoring centers. Operators are also randomly audited for quality assurance at a minimum of five times each month. Managers regularly analyze randomized alarm call recordings to see if all instructions and operating guidelines were followed by the operator, and to see if the operator is providing a satisfactory experience to clients. 

Another big way in which SES differentiates its monitoring center operations — while also addressing false dispatches and communications with first responders and law enforcements — is through continued enhancements of its monitoring offerings. Earlier this year, SES acquired the client contracts for and certain assets of interactive security company iVerify. SES has ramped up its interactive video monitoring solutions with a host of offerings to help reduce false alarm dispatches and deliver high-quality customer service and interactions. Some of those interactive services include audio open greets, video/audio safe high alerts, backdoor supervision, guard tours and much more. 

In 2019, SES introduced an interactive service called SecureStat All-Clear, which is a supervised open/close offering for businesses. “From a client standpoint, the highest risk time for a business is when they open or close a facility,” explains Felix Gonzales, senior vice president, strategy and business development. “Typically businesses address this with two people to open or close, but its highly inefficient and costly relying on two people and if something happens, it will likely happen to both people. This offering gives clients the ability to have that process monitored and it only requires one person on the business side. The offering uses smartphone technology with cloud and GPS, fully integrated into SES’ monitoring center platform so that operators can ensure an efficient and effective response providing peace of mind for the customer. 

With its focus on ongoing training and employee development, along with providing interactive services to its customers to achieve additional value from their monitoring services, SES is dedicated to its employees, its customers, and the industry as a whole. “It’s critical for us to evolve with times and technologies; this is how we interact with our customers and how we can provide not only data around the footprint and facilities we service, but so we can partner with them to see what their issues are and help them meet their needs,” Mozen says. “While installation and service are also critical components, our clients rely on monitoring for the protection of their people, assets, and property 24/7, 365 days a year.”

SES was also named the 2019 SDM Systems Integrator of the Year last October. Read more about the company.