Operator of the Year

Amanda Edmunds focuses on being the very best she can be, regardless of the tasks thrown her way.

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Within the last two years since Amanda Edmunds came to work at AvantGuard Monitoring Services, she has progressed through the ranks, starting as a part-time level one operator, progressing through level three, and becoming a team mentor. 

It should be noted that Edmunds’ ultimate career goal is to go into the medical field, something that she continues to pursue as a student while working at AvantGuard — along with the full support of the company and her managers. Yet her focus, attention to detail, work ethic and positive energy never waver, regardless of what she is tasked with; and this is a special quality, say her managers. If anything, Edmunds tells SDM, her time at AvantGuard has helped her increase her focus, work ethic, drive and time management skills. 

“Amanda is just a perfect example of what a leader should be. She gets on the frontlines and she walks the walk,” says Suzie Nye, operations manager at AvantGuard. “She is the example setter for everybody around her.”


Learn About the Operator of the Year Finalist


Rebecca Nadasky of Alarm Detection Systems Inc. (ADS) has been a central station operator since 2006 (and with ADS since 2015). She has earned responsibility as a lead operator and shift leader when a supervisor is not on staff for her dedication to teaching others what she knows at every opportunity, as well as maintaining a cool head no matter what comes her way in the monitoring center. Nadasky is a positive presence among coworkers, discouraging negativity and sharing her naturally positive outlook. Nadasky thrives in offering comfort and compassion to each and every customer, particularly those that are anxious or in high-stress situations. 


In her role, Edmunds handles on-the-job training for new hires, as well as being the point of contact for all team members and operators, and answering procedural questions. 

“Overall, the AG atmosphere is a really fun atmosphere,” Edmunds says. “We work as a team and are practically family. We look to the purpose to help serve and you can really tell everyone is trying to do their best. When people come onboard I want them to be comfortable and excited about the chance to be a part of the security team and realize they are making a difference in people’s lives.”

Aside from her commitment to helping operators be well-prepared for their jobs, another thing that makes Edmunds stand out is perfection. She’s has had a perfect attendance record, along with perfect KPIs and metrics for more than a year. Ben Kozak, Amanda’s team coach, adds that Edmunds sets a high standard amongst her peers and takes pride in the work she does — naturally encouraging everyone else around her to do the same. 

“Amanda is approachable and willing to help anyone at any moment,” says Nye. “This attitude of selflessness makes her the ultimate team player and a joy to be around. Not only does she help others when needed, she also is one of our most reliable team members with a detail-oriented approach to her work, but also remains compassionate toward everyone she works with.”

Diving into her job as team mentor and doing it well, all while pursuing her dream path of becoming a neurosurgeon, is a testament to Edmunds’ focus on performing to the best of her ability, and will surely serve her well in the future. “She is always willing to go the extra mile in order to get things done the correct way and in a timely manner, and does not look for rewards after doing so,” Kozak says. “Even with her incredibly big workload from school she is still able to be one of the largest helpers within the team. Amanda has an amazing work ethic and always has an amazing attitude both toward her schooling and work as well.”