Support Person of the Year

Gavin Butterfield’s helpful nature translates well into his role as dealer care representative, where he takes his relationships with AvantGuard’s dealer companies incredibly seriously.

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Gavin Butterfield is a support person that has never forgotten what it’s like to be a frontline monitoring center operator. Before his current role as dealer care representative, Butterfield held many roles within AvantGuard Monitoring Services, starting out as an operator on the night shift more than 10 years ago, and making his way through mentor, team lead and supervisor before being encouraged to come to the Dealer Care side of the company due to his knowledge and work ethic. Butterfield enjoys his career so much in fact, that he drives 100 miles roundtrip to and from work [outside the COVID-19 pandemic, during which he is currently working remotely].

In his current role, Butterfield is in charge of the day-to-day relationships with about 70 of AvantGuard’s dealers, helping them with data entry, procedural changes, custom report generation, troubleshooting communication, auditing signals and more.

Butterfield works tirelessly with dealer customers to have them implement new technologies that save operator time and effort within the monitoring center. He is often instrumental as an advocate for the monitoring center staff when converting dealers to AvantGuard and works closely with the monitoring center leadership to tweak and tune procedures and practices.


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In her more than 21-year-tenure at General Monitoring Services, Tameka Jordan has worn many hats, from starting out as central station operator in 1999 to moving into her current role as an automation specialist in 2011. Jordan has been instrumental in the development of training materials at all levels of the company. She takes her job seriously, which includes maximizing the potential of the company’s monitoring software to minimize the amount of time operators spend processing signals. It’s her goal to enable everyone in all departments to be more proactive, confident and productive. Perhaps Jordan’s biggest asset is her natural inclination to stay proactive about learning the most advanced features of automation before the monitoring center even sees a need for it and her ability to utilize her vast experience in the industry and in other central station departments to assist in her job training across departments.


“First and foremost, he cares about what he does and he goes above and beyond to understand what people need and how systems work, because he cares about the safety of the customers and our dealers,” says Leif Boren, senior manager of dealer services at AvantGuard. “Thoroughness and accuracy are things he does very well.” Boren says that Butterfield has helped develop and maintain a culture within the monitoring center of helpfulness, love and service of employees, dealers and the community. 

“Gavin is a great partner to his dealers and assists them with determining and implementing best practices across the board,” Boren says. One of the things that sets him apart, he adds, is Butterfield’s drive to teach himself new things and recognize questions that come up regularly so that he can improve customer service, as well as his knowledge. “He does that just to do his job well, not for recognition,” Boren says.

Though he’s no longer on the night shift, Butterfield is always early for his shift and regularly stays late to finish the job reliably and with little supervision. He leads by example, impacting the rest of the team in a positive way through his work ethic, positive attitude, willingness to jump in and help, and love for his job, according to Boren.

“I like my job and the people I work with,” Butterfield says. “I just love what comes across my lap each day from troubleshooting to customer service. Every day in this industry there is always something new to learn. I love that and I love the company; I am happy here.”